Episode 14: When Good Shows Go Bad

November 16, 2017

This episode may sound like the MicroMachines spokesperson recorded it, but alas it was just Sue Funke. In this solo show Sue apologizes again for being late with the podcast and gives you a minisode filled with shows that were great that got bad, and shows you should be watching. Sue also touches on the inappropriate touches in the news. There's more talk on Bravo rehab and the search for the next late night show, to boot. All that in 16 minutes! It's indeed a fast talkin' listen.


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episode 13: stranger things 2 special

November 7, 2017

Ben Tahija joins Sue in a special podcast about the second season of Stranger Things.


Episode 12: The One With The Scariest TV Moments

October 31, 2017

Today on the podcast Sue Funke welcomes, Sue Funke. It's Halloween and she's got some frightening stuff going on. Let's forget about that though, and talk about 5 scariest TV moments that she just can't shake. Moments include scenes from ER, Bravo's recent scandal between Andy Cohen and Kathy Griffin, and a commercial that would send Sue running out of the room. 

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Photo Credit: Sears

Costume by: Irene Funke (Sue's Mom)

and introducing Sue Funke as Rainbow Brite


Episode 11: J. Longo and Reoccurring TV Characters He Loves and Hates

October 25, 2017

On today's podcast Sue is visited by storyboard artist J Longo who came to quiz her on great lines from his Top 5 reoccuring characters on classic TV shows. If you are good at trivia, take a stab at seeing if you can guess them all. They also discuss Netflix's spending spree and how Justin Timberlake getting back to the Super Bowl Half Time Show without Janet Jackson. You can see J Longo's art on @biggerthanpangea on instagram and Tweet him @JLongo

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Episode 11: Sharron Paul on The Simpsons, Scandal and Quotable TV

October 18, 2017

Sharron Paul is a comedian and actress who has been seen in the background of one of her favorite shows, Law and Order: SVU. Join her and Sue as they discuss this week's latest Hollywood sex scandals, the show Scandal, and Halloween themed TV. 

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Episode 10: Shawn Hollenbach dishes Drag Race, the show that made him gay, and The Comeback

October 4, 2017

Shawn Hollenbach and Sue Funke have known each other for well over a decade from their time on the stand-up comedy scene. Shawn's also been the person who got Sue her job at Logo and A+E Networks (he'll claim it was all her resume, but he's too kind.) Listen as they discuss behind the scenes Drag Race information, the vulnerability of Valerie Cherish and the most important news event he wathed unfold on TV. 


Episode 9: Claudia Cogan on Hate-Watching TV, Must See TV, and Giving The Good Place a Chance

September 27, 2017

Comedian Claudia Cogan is one of Sue's favorite comedians (yet somehow Sue completely blanked that Claudia had been on Last Comic Standing.)  Claudia also loves TV and which is what makes her qualified to disect just what makes some shows so much fun to hate-watch. She also a list of some of her favorite shows to discuss like The Great British Bake-Off and The Good Place. 

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Episode 8: Kwanza Osajyefo Chats 2017 Emmys, Sanford & Son, and a Shocking TV Moment That Cured Him

September 20, 2017

Kwanza Osajyefo is the author of the graphic novel BLACK which is being made into a feature movie. He also worked with Sue at About.com a lifetime ago. On this podcast they discuss the ridiculous appearance of Sean Spicer, the well deserved Emmy award winners that happened to be diverse, and his top five TV moments. Check this out to hear how a TV show once healed him and for an hour and a half of pop culture banter. The pouring sound you hear is red wine (Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel). 

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Episode 7: Ben from Pretty Little Podcasters and Murder We Spoke Talks Emmys and His Top 5 TV Categories

August 16, 2017

Ben Tahija is from the Pretty Little Podcasters and Murder We Spoke brings a new twist to the top 5 shows. He created lists of:

  • the best TV episode
  • the best TV season
  • the best TV series
  • the best shows you never seen but need to

...and a ton of other things about TV you might not know you needed to know.

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Episode 6: Darin Patterson Chats About The Twilight Zone, Chapelle Show, and When Bad Was Broken

August 8, 2017

Comedian Darin Patterson is known for his podcast The Virgin Chronicles and his amazing wit. He's also a known storyteller and graces this podcast with the tale of his win on a trivia show, proving that he truly loves TV. Darrin came prepared with an episodes of The Twilight Zone and The Simpsons that will never leave his brain, as well as his love for the perfection that is the series, Breaking Bad. You can follow Darin at @DarinCredible on Twitter and find out where and when you can see him live at DarinCredible.com. 

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